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NyAPPY!~ YUI-ING o(≧∀≦)o
☆to Mother♪★『♫ Tonight ♪ ♥
YUI on Mezamashi TV - again PV XDDD 
23rd-Apr-2009 10:22 pm
Miku <3333

waah OH YEAH YUI is finally back! i missed seeing/hearing her XDDD
YUI saying tadaima cho kawaii nee XDDD okaeri YUI! simply missed her
too much aaah its feels so good to see her back again XDDD YUI FIGHTO!

isnt this cute? YUI densha XDDD


aww the hoodie XDDD i always wonder why do they only uses green background for the effect/comp work? O_o someone want to answer? OOOO green~

~eee aaah ~

YUI shashiburi XDDD

YUI give a little bow (is that how she spell it?) i do that too hehe

more to come~

ahh-ing again XDDD

YUI is like a little neko XDDD

going to the again PV filming location

arriving at the scene

*looks around*

*see someone and greets/bow to them* love YUI's politeness i wish i was more like her

*i see them*

*sees them coming*

*makes Y_Y* <333

*filming filming filming*

NG scene? XDDD NO NG XDDD done with one SINGLE SHOT no mistake! wow 

lion face



whatcha looking at?


playing playing playing~

playing and making a ending face XDDD

in Happy-chan☆ XDDD Bye NyAPPY!~
24th-Apr-2009 05:25 am (UTC)
this is the 22nd of YUI 1st debut rite??haha..since her besday was when she still on hiatus rite??
aaaaahhhh-ing too...
she's so cute..GO YUI!!
24th-Apr-2009 11:07 am (UTC)
they're announcing her new PV XDDD
YUI gets cuter everytime we see her <3
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