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NyAPPY!~ YUI-ING o(≧∀≦)o
☆to Mother♪★『♫ Tonight ♪ ♥
YUI - again PV Final Part XDDD 
27th-Apr-2009 08:05 pm
Miku <3333

"ahh I'm sorry" this is the last and final time i want to do this again
Again & Again its also something wrong and i can' finish it ahhh
drives me crazy! i hope i dont have to work on this again ahhh
150 screenshot is not easy to put together...well then mata

YUI's lovely hand opening the door *i want her ring*

here we go inside a room/warehouse full of 100 guitars XDDD

getting ready and everything

testing testing testing

now rock on YUI XDDD

while everyone is a blurr YUI is shining like an angel XDDD

YUI playing and doesnt it somewhat looks like she is playing a bass hehe

YUI said she want her rubber chicken you borrowed 3 years ago

nice overshot *otto i played the wrong chord

this girls head sure bothers me *YUI is glaring at you

the "again" book sugoii jan!

i said i want a piece of cake or else i will make you into a whole keki

do you understand what reality means? that girl is really irrating now

why did you eat my rubber chicken? it wasn't meant to be eaten

i will say this once so listen alright? i want a hot dog!

ah why did you have to eat it? i bet you were licking your it clean you monster

i think thats what hobo does isnt it? answer me now!

i want this "again" fairy book in my room as a light XDDD

uhh you smell like feet                              ahh imma scream now                 what a hobo man

Oh                                                                      My                                                                God

Oh Good grief

you see what you have done? i'm hungry now

ah this is so tiring plrease release me already

if it wasnt for me there would be no YOU

waah FYI you are a disaster

waah mee love you!

is that obachan! get her outta here!

do you think i improved?

yo i still want my mung bean rice cake XDDD YES or NO?                      what a meanie!

i think agree with yupeh now that obachan sure is irrating she doesnt go away

ah what is that you want to say to me? i can't hear you

i'm sure that man is going to get his ass kick by coming back again

ahh i want my takoyaki!

you think you can surpass me think again

ah sekai no find me

do i see a ghost? ahh probly you imagination


what you want to see my legs? heck no

just watch me what i do best

nami daeshou

how are you going to respond to this?

this isnt a easy task sing with!

please treat me like you would treat someone you cherish


is that you? the one i been searching for? Hey Hey Hey

you wanna know a secret? ahh hey too bad

how will i express this feeling?

someone should really make mood theme of these

more YUI expression on the way

YUI facial expressions are priceless


please support out dear YUI

YUI slacks off the camera is love <3

i personally thinks the PV is very good because ot focus on YUI's expression and how she sings it
the backgound is very fitting but i expected someone more yet the again book is perfect of this PV

finally im done after 6 tried and dont ask why it was very frustrating having to do it over and over again
and everytime its different so ahh gomen nee.

heres a bonus form Mesamashi TV - again PV

waah i like the contrast of theses

it was storming big after 5 and the thunder was loud and the wind was blowing like crazy XDDD

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