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NyAPPY!~ YUI-ING o(≧∀≦)o
☆to Mother♪★『♫ Tonight ♪ ♥
NyAPPY!~ Birthday to you you Park Ye Eun!~ 
26th-May-2009 10:59 pm
Miku <3333

Park Oppa Turned to an adult today but it was been in Korea

so young and still look fabulous!

yo yo yo sup!

Tell Me day <3

lastly her long straight orange hair

wishing Ye Eun the best in NYC and stay healthy Queen of Food!~


haha i got another thing to celebrate NANA's Trapnest Live 8 year anniversary (
and i got back to reading NANA after so long and i'm only on
chapter 14 and i read the last updated one which is 84 and
i have no idea what went on and spoiler ***Ren DIED?!***
i didn't know such thing would happen to him.Got me by
surprise since i havent been keeping up with it. I haven't
read any manga since Death Note, but i'll try to catch up
during summer haha.soura jaa (*^_^*) ~NyAPPY KeIk0~
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