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NyAPPY!~ YUI-ING o(≧∀≦)o
☆to Mother♪★『♫ Tonight ♪ ♥
NyAPPY!~New Year minna XDDD/bloggiecrew #8 
1st-Jan-2009 10:59 am
Miku <3333

credits to the one that made this gome forgot your name
wishing everyone a wonderful New Year!
haha for me i didnt really did anything or even watch the fireworks just being lazy on the computer.
WonderBang Special Stage performance was amazingly wonderful XDDD hope the best for them both.
I'm loving the DaeEun couple so much chemistry or as everyone says it Skinship...Tell Me G-Hee aww <333
so adorable i can't deny it hehe...Sunmi getting HOT she was even on top of TOP oppa's lap woah!....
Yoobin with Seung Ri ^-^ good one the rap was awesome...Irony with TaeYe oooo sexy! So Hot Last Farewell....!
im been watching the WonderBoys also they make me laugh so hard because its so hilarious but they did good...
the girls were enjoying it xD

YUI! Happy New Year to you you!~ wishing you the very best and have a good break and write more inspirating song,

Now to Erika...wishing you a good marriage and a good life with Takeshiro even tho us fans might be sad and happy for you we all wish you the very best and of your career... I WANT GINGERBEAD man! and cookies!

I know for a fact that if it wasn't for
I would have never discovered that he's my

[KeIk0]: What's your new years resolution?
[Ruki]: Well, if you really wanna know,
I want to fall in love with you
all over again.


You're the one who makes my eyes
like the stars

If looks could kill,
[Kyo]'s gaze would have put me
six feet under
by now

I told [Bou] that I wanted something sweet,
but instead, I got something much sweeter

You're my hottie

Ever since I met [Kanon]
I've begun to develop a texting problem

This will always be our song.

Seeing [YUI]
Just makes my heart flutter.
Miku, it's cold outside... So get your butt over here and keep me warm!
Reita, it's cold outside... So get your butt over here and keep me warm!
YOURNAME:Honey~, what's your New Year's promise for next year? :3 ” MikuxTeruki: ” Umm.. I think that... it's that I won't be a second without you, my love~ *chuu*KeIk0:*blush*
Last night I had a dream. Mikuko dressed up as Mario and s a v e d me from Bowser's evil castle!
Last night I had a dream. Takuyaya dressed up as Link and s a v e d me from Ganondorf's evil castle!
There are people who are love and there are people who are sex. ♂
[[Miku]] belonges to latter ones. i spent my first few hours of the new year wrapped up naked in Kaorus arms
Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever. [_Miku & I_]
Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever. Matsuyama KenichixKenichi
FEEL that,
That's my love
4 u
Love was just a word until MikuxRukixHERO」 gave it a proper meaning.
MikuxRukixReitaxJaeJoong ]]
I gave my heart to L Lawliet this Valentine's Day!~

My little heart is only for 『MikuxL』
Me & [Miku] Went on a beach vacation
[Ruki] is mine
[Reita]: [KeIk0], will you marry me? And of course, with me jumping and screaming, [Reita] took that as a yes.
[YoungWoong JaeJoong], You're my sunshine Care Bear.
I sent [Kyo] a love letter. The most shocking of all was that he responded
I sent [Kyo] a love letter. The most shocking of all was that he responded
& I promise you [Kaoru], If you'll be my cookie monster, I'll be your elmo. 'Kay?
Because having [MK] around brings me loads of good luck
[[KeIk0]] & [[JaeHo]] Our love is pure. Because there's nothing in this world more pure than PANDA love.
Brewing a LOVE potion for Miku~
There's no denying it »KeIk0 & JaeJoongxYunho«
Rough days are worth it if I can go home and snuggle against Mikuko.
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